Add Products to Order

Once you have created your order, you need to add products to it. When you open an order to view/edit, you are lead to the products search screen (1st step of ordering). Use this screen to search for and add products to your order. See searching tips to learn effective searching methodology.

Some of the search options are collapsed on this screen but can be made visible by clicking on the "Advanced Search" link. This link simply allows you to specify other filter and sorting options. By default when a search is done, all products found are shown in a list (Figure 5.2) with a quick order entry box. Some customers like to be able to see prices before ordering, this can be acheived by clicking on a product to see the product prices in a pop-up box which also alows then to see Purchasing History for that products and enter order quantity. If you are not interested in the purchase quantities but rather only see the prices and add products to order, tick the "Show Prices" tick box and then search.

Figure 5.2

With the prices option ticked, you will see found products (in sets of ten) (Figure 5.3) with their prices and other details required for ordering. Some products will not have an entry box due to some restriction on then. For these products you will have to click on them to bring up the entry box.

Figure 5.3

To add products to your order quickly, simply enter an order quantity in the box in the same row as the product you want to order and hit Enter or click on Order. Else click on product row and a pop-up box will come up as in Figure 5.4. Simply enter your order quantity and accept any terms and click on Add To Order

Figure 5.4

Once you click to add a product to order, the search screen is not cleared as you may need more than one product from what you have searched for. Simply continue with the add procedure by either clicking on the product or entering the order quantity in-line. You will notice that once a product is added the rolling list of products on the left of the screen keep updating with products in your order (in order of adding to order).

If you search for a product and the page shows that x is on Order, clicking on this product will pre-fill the quantity box with your ordered quantity. At this stage entering a new quantity and saving will update the product quantity in order.

Change Order quantities or edit Order.