Edit Order

To edit your order or continue with the order process once you have added all the products you wanted, click on Edit Cart or Submit. The edit order page will open with where you will be able to edit products in the order or change comments and other details for the order (Figure 5.5).

Figure 5.5

Order Details

Depending on how your account is setup, you will see other details that you will need to or can (optional) enter for the order such as comments, your order reference and delivery details. If you need to, simply enter the details in the appropriate fields and click on Save Comments/Reference. Clicking on Submit Order saved these additional data (if you entered them) and redirects you to the order submit screen.

Order Products

At this stage you can still edit the products in your order by either deleting products off the order or update quantities. To update order quantity, simply enter a new quantity in the order box beside the product name for all products that you want to update. Click on Update to save the new quantities.

To delete products from the order, tick the product(s) you want to delete and then click on the Delete Selected button.

To review a product and its prices, click on the product to bring the Product Entry screen (Figure 5.4) where you can see the prices again (in case there was a price change) and update order quantity as well.


Submit Order.