Submit Order

To submit your order, click on the Submit Order button. The system will check your order to make sure everything is ok before submitting. Checking ensures that your order leaves our warehouse sooner since there are not errors and no more action is required. If however any errors are found, you will see the error and asked to correct it (Figure 5.6). Simply correct the error and try submitting again.

Figure 5.6


If there are not errors then the site will check if you are required to pay for the order before we release it. If must pay for the order before hand, you will be asked to pay for the order using our payment gateway. Else if it is optional you can choose to skip the online payment option. We may have one or more payment option available on the site and you can choose to pay using either one of these. Also if it is not compulsory for you to pay, you can simply click on Submit Order without online payment and continue to submit the order.

Figure 5.7

If you are paying for your order follow the instructions on the Payment Gateway page(s) to complete your payment. Once your payment is confirmed (or if you skipped payment) the system will then submit your order to us.

Figure 5.8

Once your order is complete, simply click on the click to continue button to continue to the orders page. You will see that order your just submitted in the Old Orders list.